Till date, WISC committee has organized the following talks

International Women day: (March, 2021)

'Doing Science in Unprecedented Times'

Invited Talk Speakers:

Dr. Collins Assisi, Assistant Professor, IISER Pune

Dr. Gagandeep Kang, Professor at the Christian Medical College, Vellore

Flash Talk Speakers:

Dr. Anindya Sinha, Professor at NIAS, Bangalore

Dr. Shanti Kalipatnapu, Research Communications, IISER Pune

Ms. Swapna Joshi, PhD Student, IISER Pune

Monthly Talks

Prof. Robin Fulton, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (April, 2021)

Talk Title1: Applications of support nanozero valentiron:from nitrate to heavy metal remediation

Talk Title 2: Women in STEM:Finding your feet

Dr. Amala Mahadevan from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MA, USA (May, 2021)

Talk title 1: How ocean eddies support phytoplankton blooms

Talk title 2: A journey seaward

Dr Nitya Rao from University of East Anglia, England (June, 2021)

Talk title: Women’s Agency, Gendered Work and the Climate Crisis: Pathways to Equality

Prof. Susanna Terracini from Universit\u0012a di Torino, Italy (July, 2021)

Talk title 1: Pattern Formation Through Spatial Segregation

Talk title 2: My journey in Mathematics by Susanna Terracini

Prof, Tamalika Banerjee, University of Groningen, Netherlands (September, 2021)

Talk title 1: Oxide Spintronics: materials and devices for unconventional computing.

Title title 2: A rolling stone : From hills to a flatland.

Dr. Parul Ganju, CEO and Co-founder of Ahammune Bisciences, NCL Innovation Park (November 2021).

Talk Title: "The Business of Science: How to translate your Scientific ideas"